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Commvault Backup Tool Contents:

  1. Backup, Archive and Restore
  2. Commvault backup tool overview and Versions details
  3. Commvault backup architecture and their components
  4. Backup process flow—how backup job will work
  5. Types of backup
  6. Policies (Storage, schedule and Sub client Policies)
  7. Retention in Commvault
  8. Deduplication and Types
  9. Agent and Types of agents
  10. File system backup configuration and Restore
  11. SQL backup configuration and Restore
  12. Oracle backup configuration and Restore
  13. VMware backup configuration and Restore
  14. VMware backup architecture and Process flow
  15. Basic ports in Commvault
  16. DR backup files and DR backup and restore procedure
  17. Service pack upgrade
  18. Version upgrade
  19. Backup Failures
  20. Files available in SQL, Oracle and VMware
  21. Indexing and Types of indexing
  22. Critical backup issues and Interview Questions

 Veeam Backup Tool Contents:

  1. Backup,Archive and Restore
  2. Veeam backup tool overview and Versions details
  3. Veeam Backup Architecture and Their Components
  4. Backup Process flow in Veeam
  5. Repository and their types
  6. Services in Veeam
  7. Gateway server, mount server ,Guest interaction proxy, WAN accelerator,Log shipping servers
  8. Veeam backup enterprise manager,Veeam one reporting tool
  9. Backup copy types
  10. Veeam ZIP, Active full and Quick backup
  11. Types of backups and Their extentions
  12. Configuration backup
  13. Backup job and Backup job creation
  14. Veeam Editions
  15. Licensing and Their types
  16. Version Upgrade
  17. Interview Questions
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