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Snowflake Course Training in Hyderabad

Snowflake Overview Architecture

How to use the Snowflake UI & ecosystem

What is Cloud

Different Cloud Vendors

What is a Data Warehouse, and Why do we need a Data Warehouse?

Database Vs Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse Architecture OLTP Vs OLAP

What is ETL

How different from traditional DB

Quick start to the snowflake and accessing trial account

Creating warehouse, DB, Schema, and tables

Accessing different roles and using it Working with worksheets

Understanding different type of accounts

AWS and understanding S3 storage

Snowflake architecture and caching

AZURE and understanding blob storage

GCP and understanding Bucket storage

File formats

Internal and external storage Internal and external stage

Copy into usage

Snowflake internal storage

Accessing Cloud storage data into Snowflake (GCP, AZURE and AWS)

 Data unloading

Accessing Snowpipe PUT and GET commands

Bulk loading from cloud storage Continuous loading

Snowflake Connector and use cases Python BI connectors use cases

Other connectors hands-on

Module 9: Handling JSON and Semi structured data

Variant Data Type File format options Creating stages

Loading JSON semi-structured data into SF tables Accessing JSON with select statement

Creating Tasks Streams

Accessing procedures with tasks

Scheduling as per time with Different time zones Automate loading process Daily and Weekly

Usage of sharing data

Sharing data with different accounts

Sharing data with non-SF accounts using reader accounts Importance of reader accounts

Privileges in data sharing

Access Control Privileges for Cloned Objects Cloning and Snowflake Objects

Impact of DDL on Cloning, DML and Data Retention on Cloning

Introduction to Time Travel Querying Historical Data

Enabling and Disabling Time Travel Data Retention Period

Cloning Using Time Travel (Databases, Schemas, and Tables Only)

Creating multi-users on large tables Performance techniques

Result set cache Metadata cache Query data cache

Best practices of using caching for performance and cost optimization

Error Handling and Validations

Snowflake Pricing model and selecting best Edition and Calculation of Credits usage

Resource Monitoring

Data Masking

Partitioning and Clustering in snowflake

Materialized View and Normal View

Integration with Python

Integration with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Best Practices to follow.

  • User Account creation
  • Roles
  • Security
  • Privilages
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Managing Data Governance
  • Data Governance and Snowflake
  • Classification and Tagging
  • Row Access Policies
  • Masking Policies
  • Auditing Access History
  • Access History and Column Lineage
  • Snowsight Data Governance Dashboard


Skill Centre is proud to be an official partner of Snowflake, the premier cloud data platform. This strategic alliance enables us to deliver state-of-the-art data warehousing, processing, and analytics solutions. Leveraging Snowflake’s innovative technology, we empower organizations to derive valuable insights from their data, driving informed decision-making and business growth.

Our team of certified Snowflake experts ensures seamless integration and optimal performance, offering tailored solutions and comprehensive support to meet your unique data needs. Partner with Skill Centre and Snowflake to fully realize the potential of your data assets. Snowflake Course Training In Hyderabad

What is Snowflake ?

Snowflake is a cutting-edge cloud data warehousing platform recognized for its exceptional scalability and performance. By decoupling storage and compute, Snowflake offers unparalleled flexibility to scale resources independently, ensuring efficient data operations. Its support for standard SQL enables seamless integration and powerful data analysis capabilities. Moreover, Snowflake facilitates secure data sharing between organizations with advanced encryption and comprehensive access controls. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust security features, Snowflake is the ideal choice for modern businesses aiming to leverage data effectively in the cloud. Snowflake Course Training in Hyderabad

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Why Snowflake ?

  • Scalability: Effortlessly scale to meet any workload demands.
  • Performance: High-speed querying with independent storage and compute.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive SQL interface for ease of use.
  • Secure Data Sharing: Seamless and controlled sharing capabilities.
  • Versatility: Supports structured and semi-structured data integration.
  • Robust Security: Comprehensive encryption and regulatory compliance.
  • Fully Managed: No maintenance required; focus on your data.
  • Cost Efficiency: Pay-as-you-go pricing for optimal resource use. Snowflake Course Training in Hyderabad

Prerequisites to Learn Snowflake ?

Job Opportunities

Snowflake Course Training In Hyderabad


Design and implement data pipelines using Snowflake.

Perform ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to move data from various sources into Snowflake.

Optimize Snowflake performance by tuning queries and managing resource allocation.

Develop and maintain database schemas, tables, and views.

Collaborate with data scientists and analysts to understand data needs and provide necessary data solutions.


Proficiency in SQL and Snowflake.

Experience with ETL tools like Informatica, Talend, or Apache Nifi.

Knowledge of data warehousing concepts.

Familiarity with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Certifications in Snowflake or related cloud technologies are a plus.


Manage and monitor Snowflake database environments.

Ensure data security and compliance with relevant regulations.

Implement backup and recovery processes for Snowflake data.

Handle database migrations and upgrades.

Monitor database performance and troubleshoot issues.


Proficiency in Snowflake administration and SQL.

Experience with database security and compliance.

Knowledge of database backup and recovery procedures.

Familiarity with database monitoring tools.

Strong organizational and multitasking skills.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Certifications in database administration and Snowflake are a plus.


Utilize Snowflake to extract and analyze large datasets.

Create and maintain reports, dashboards, and visualizations using BI tools like Tableau or Power BI.

Provide insights and recommendations based on data analysis.

Collaborate with business stakeholders to gather requirements and deliver actionable reports.

Ensure data accuracy and consistency across reports and analyses.


Proficiency in SQL and Snowflake.

Experience with BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Looker.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Ability to work with large datasets and perform complex analyses.


Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, or a related field.

Certifications in BI tools and data analysis are a plus.


Design and architect scalable data solutions using Snowflake and other cloud services.

Define data storage, access, and security strategies for cloud-based data platforms.

Evaluate and select appropriate tools and technologies to support data architecture.

Provide guidance on best practices for data integration and transformation.

Work with cross-functional teams to align data architecture with business objectives.


Proficiency in Snowflake and cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Experience with data modeling and architecture.

Strong knowledge of data security and compliance.

Excellent communication and leadership skills.

Ability to design scalable and efficient data solutions.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Certifications in cloud architecture and Snowflake are a plus.


Develop and maintain ETL processes to load data into Snowflake.

Integrate data from various sources, including databases, APIs, and flat files.

Ensure data quality and consistency throughout the ETL pipeline.

Optimize ETL processes for performance and reliability.

Document ETL workflows and maintain version control.


Proficiency in SQL and Snowflake.

Experience with ETL tools like Informatica, Talend, or Apache Nifi.

Knowledge of data integration techniques.

Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.

Attention to detail and ability to document processes.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Certifications in ETL tools and Snowflake are a plus.


Implement big data solutions using Snowflake and other big data technologies.

Manage and process large datasets efficiently.

Develop data ingestion and processing pipelines for real-time and batch data.

Optimize data storage and retrieval to support analytics and machine learning.

Collaborate with data scientists and analysts to understand data requirements.


Proficiency in SQL and Snowflake.

Experience with big data tools like Hadoop, Spark, or Kafka.

Knowledge of data warehousing and data lake concepts.

Strong programming skills (Python, Java, or Scala).

Ability to handle large-scale data processing.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Certifications in big data technologies and Snowflake are a plus.


Provide expertise and guidance on Snowflake implementation and optimization.

Assist clients with data migration to Snowflake.

Conduct performance tuning and troubleshooting.

Deliver training and support to client teams.

Develop custom solutions and integrations based on client needs.


Proficiency in SQL and Snowflake.

Experience with data migration and integration.

Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Ability to work with diverse clients and understand their needs.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Certifications in Snowflake and related technologies are a plus.


Use Snowflake to access and analyze large datasets.

Develop and implement machine learning models and algorithms.

Perform exploratory data analysis and feature engineering.

Collaborate with data engineers to ensure data availability and quality.

Communicate findings and insights to stakeholders through reports and visualizations.


Proficiency in SQL, Snowflake, and programming languages like Python or R.

Experience with machine learning frameworks and libraries.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Ability to work with large datasets and perform complex analyses.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, or a related field.

Certifications in data science and Snowflake are a plus.

Snowflake Certification?

Certification Process For Snowflake

  • Choose a Certification Path: Snowflake offers certifications for different roles and skill levels, such as SnowPro Core Certification for foundational knowledge or specialized certifications like SnowPro Advanced or SnowPro Specialty Certifications.

  • Prepare for the Exam: Snowflake provides detailed exam guides and recommended resources (like documentation and training courses) to help you prepare. Make sure to review the exam guide thoroughly to understand the topics covered.

  • Register for the Exam: Visit the Snowflake website or the certification provider’s website (like a testing center) to register for your chosen exam. You may need to create an account on Snowflake if you don’t already have one.

  • Take the Exam: Exams are typically proctored online or at a testing center. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and a quiet, distraction-free environment for online exams. For in-person exams, arrive early with required identification.

  • Receive Results: After completing the exam, you will receive your results immediately or shortly thereafter, depending on the exam type and provider.

  • Maintain Certification (if applicable): Some certifications may require renewal or continuing education to stay current. Check the specific requirements for the certification you obtain.

Certification Paths and Details:

  • SnowPro Core Certification: This certification validates basic knowledge and skills related to Snowflake architecture, data loading, security, and basic SQL queries.

  • SnowPro Advanced Certification: This certification is for more experienced users and covers advanced topics such as performance optimization, complex SQL queries, data sharing, and advanced security features.

  • SnowPro Specialty Certifications: These certifications focus on specific areas such as data integration, data engineering, or data analytics within the Snowflake environment.

Resources for Preparation:

  • Snowflake Documentation: Comprehensive guides and tutorials are available on the Snowflake website.

  • Training Courses: Snowflake offers instructor-led and self-paced training courses designed specifically for certification preparation.

  • Practice Exams: Some third-party providers or Snowflake itself may offer practice exams to help you gauge your readiness.

Course Outcome ?

Snowflake Course Training In Hyderabad

  1. Understand Snowflake’s architecture and its components.

  2. Learn data loading techniques and best practices.

  3. Develop proficiency in SQL querying within Snowflake.

  4. Design and implement effective data models.

  5. Implement security features and manage access controls.

  6. Optimize query performance and manage compute resources.

  7. Integrate Snowflake with other systems and manage ETL processes.

  8. Monitor Snowflake environments and troubleshoot issues.

  9. Utilize Snowflake for advanced analytics and machine learning.

  10. Apply industry best practices in various data management scenarios.

Mode Of Trainings

Snowflake Course Training in Hyderabad

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Snowflake Course Training in Hyderabad


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Excellent coaching Centre . I Completed my snowflake course Here , Institute help Me to upgrade my Skills , My Tutor Narsimha sir teaches and guides very well ,So felt happy for the decision to take class in this institute.
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Shabeena Muskan
I successfully completed my snowflake course training in skill centre technologies and my trainer was awesome.... This is an excellent training program to upgrade ur career.... Batch repeat facility i.e u can watch video recordings if u missed a few sessions but u can also join the upcoming batches live training at no extra cost...
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Hi All i am having almost 16 years of experience in it industry. I had training with skillcenter for snowflake and DBT . It was excellent training. Now my package increases 50%. Thanks for your support in cracking interviews and helping mindful insights. Thanks for skillscenter and narsimha sir.

General FAQs

Snowflake Course Training In Hyderabad

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform known for its scalability, performance, and ease of use. Learning Snowflake equips you with skills in managing and analyzing large datasets efficiently.

This course is designed for data engineers, data analysts, database administrators, and professionals involved in data management and analytics who want to leverage Snowflake for their work.

You will learn about Snowflake’s architecture, data loading techniques, SQL querying, data modeling, security features, performance optimization, and advanced analytics capabilities.

Basic knowledge of SQL and familiarity with cloud computing concepts are recommended but not required. The course caters to both beginners and those with some experience in data management.

The course is delivered through instructor-led sessions, supplemented by hands-on labs and practical exercises. It typically spans 4 weeks with a total of 24 hours of instruction.

Yes, participants have the option to take a Snowflake certification exam after completing the course. Certification validates proficiency in using Snowflake for data warehousing and analytics.

Completing this course can lead to career opportunities in roles such as data engineer, data analyst, business intelligence developer, and database administrator, especially in organizations utilizing Snowflake.

Yes, participants typically have access to course materials, labs, and exercises for additional practice outside of scheduled class hours to reinforce learning.

Enrollment details, including registration deadlines, fees, and course schedule, can be found on the institute's website or by contacting their admissions office directly.

Throughout the course, participants receive support from instructors for questions and clarifications. Post-course support may include access to alumni networks, career services, and updates on Snowflake platform developments.