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About Anaplan

Make agility your competitive advantage with a platform that delivers on the promise of digital transformation.

Anaplan is a web based platform for creating business plans. The word Anaplan is a combination of two words which are Analysis and Planning. Anaplan is well known for its data calculation engineand in the memory database. Once you deploy the enterprise data into Anaplan it will simplify the data by grouping the data. It helps the organizations to make data driven decisions.

The curriculum designed and delivers everything that you need to become a professional in Anaplan asAnaplan specialist, Model builder, Analyst, Consultant and Architect. The course contains aspirant friendly innovative best practices, user stories. Hold an asset for you and learn Anaplan to reach the next level along with us.

Course Overview

Anaplan training enables you to master this SaaS platform with the help of real world examples. This course provides essential knowledge on Anaplan fundamentals, model building, workflow, Agile methodology, and much more. Upon completion, you will be able to implement this knowledge in real time. The training will be delivered by Anaplan certified faculty.

  • Anaplan Course Content
  • What is Anaplan?
  • Why Anaplan?
  • Basics of Anaplan
  • Getting Ready to Build/Building blocks of Anaplan
  • Time and Versions
  • Lists
  • Types and Usage
  • Modeling Approach
  • Module Design
  • Importing into Modules
  • Model to Model Imports
  • Formulas and Function
  • Customizing and Saving Module Views
  • User Experience Pages
  • Classic Dashboards
  • Security & Authorization
  • L1 Certification
  • Discuss a Data Hub model
  • Set up Import / Export processes
  • Design Security solutions for end user access
  • Build dynamic UX
  • Described best practices for using saved views, exports and filters
  • Explain Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) functionality
  • Describe Line
  • Items and Numbered Lists