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  • Describe the information found in the company information (e.g., fiscalyear, business hours, currency management, default settings).
  • Distinguish between the various UI features that an administratorcontrols, including the implications (e.g., UI settings, search settings, list views, home page layouts).


  • Identify the steps to set up and/or maintain a user (e.g., assign licenses,reset passwords, and resolve locked user accounts).
  • Understand the implications of activating, deactivating, or freezing auser.


  • Explain the various organization security controls (e.g., passwords, IPrestrictions, identity confirmation, network settings).
  • Given a user request scenario, apply the appropriate security controlsbased on the features and capabilities of the Salesforce sharing model (e.g., organization-wide defaults, roles and the role hierarchy, manual sharing, sharing rules and public groups).
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate use of a custom profile orpermission set using the various profile settings and permissions. • Describe how folders can be used to organize and secure communication templates, dashboards, and reports.


  • Describe the standard object architecture and relationship model.
  • Explain how to create, delete, and customize fields and page layouts onstandard and custom objects, and understand the implications of deleting fields.
  • Given a scenario, determine how to create and assign page layouts, record types and business processes for custom and standard objects.

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