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Skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad

About Us

Skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad

At SkillCentre, our mission is to align our training programs with the specific learning objectives of our candidates, ensuring they reach their individual goals. We offer personalized training that is tailored to meet their needs, delivered at times that fit their schedules. Our commitment to success Best IT Courses In Hyderabad includes not only providing top-quality training but also continuously evaluating and refining the training process to ensure optimal outcomes.

We follow a strategy to guide the candidates and impart them with the proper technical knowledge and skill set.

skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad

Our Course Highlights

Flexible Learning Options: Study at your own pace with 24/7 access to courses from anywhere in the world.

Expert Instructors: Benefit from instruction by seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience, providing real-world insights and practical knowledge.

Hands-On Projects and Labs: Engage in interactive, hands-on learning experiences that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

Industry-Recognized Certifications: Earn certifications that are respected and valued globally, enhancing your credibility and employability in the IT industry.

Interactive and Collaborative Learning: Participate in virtual classrooms and discussion forums where you can interact with instructors and peers, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Comprehensive Career Support: Receive personalized career guidance, resume building tips, interview preparation assistance, and access to job placement resources to help you launch or advance your career in IT.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies: Stay ahead of the curve with access to the latest software tools, technologies, and industry trends, ensuring that your skills remain relevant and up-to-date.

Global Learning Community: Connect with a diverse community of learners from around the globe, expanding your professional network and opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Continuous Learning and Updates: Benefit from ongoing updates and additional learning resources to keep your skills sharp and adapt to evolving industry demands.

Lifetime Access to Course Materials: Retain access to course materials and resources even after completing your initial studies, allowing you to revisit topics and continue learning as needed throughout your career journey.

Our Other Courses

Skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad


Pega training covers core concepts, application development, case and decision management, data integration, and UI development. It is ideal for business analysts, developers, and system architects to build dynamic business applications.

Commvault and Veeam Backup Tools

Commvault offers comprehensive data backup, recovery, and management for various environments. Veeam provides fast, reliable backup and disaster recovery, especially for virtualized environments.

Azure Devops

Azure DevOps simplifies software development and delivery through agile planning, continuous integration, and deployment. Harness Microsoft's powerful tools for efficient team collaboration and accelerated project lifecycles.

HP Vertica big data analysis

Explore powerful HP Vertica big data analysis solutions. Gain actionable insights with advanced analytics, scalable performance, and robust data management capabilities.


Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform used for sales, service, and marketing automation, enhancing business efficiency and customer management.

Ping Federate

Ping Federate is an enterprise-grade identity federation server that provides secure single sign-on (SSO) and identity management. It streamlines authentication across applications, enabling secure and seamless user access.

Payroll Management

Efficiently manage payroll with streamlined processes and accurate calculations. Ensure compliance and employee satisfaction with comprehensive payroll management solutions.


Cybersecurity focuses on protecting computer systems and data from cyber threats through technologies and practices that ensure security, privacy, and resilience.

OKTA Identity

OKTA provides secure identity management solutions, offering seamless access across applications and devices. Enhance security and user experience with OKTAs robust authentication and authorization capabilities.


SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module within SAP ERP that manages procurement, inventory management, and material valuation. It streamlines supply chain processes, ensuring efficient handling of materials from procurement through inventory control.

SailPoint IIQ

SailPoint IIQ facilitates identity governance with advanced access controls and compliance management. Streamline security and compliance processes through Sail Point IIQ's robust development capabilities.


SAP ARIBA is a procurement software that simplifies purchasing processes and vendor management. It offers streamlined workflows and analytics for effective cost management and procurement efficiency.

Mode Of Trainings

Skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad

Weekend Training Classes By SkillCentre

A vital part of our life is education and training. Classes now take place online, at night, or on weekends in addition to the traditional weekday classroom setting. Adults who work during the week comprise the majority of students in these sessions. Therefore, the weekend can be the only free day during the week.
There may be too many obligations, such as family obligations for one person or another. Therefore, the weekend is the best time to learn. Due to the abundance of potential commitments, it is difficult for people to balance their responsibilities during the workweek.

Anyone who enrolls in weekend sessions should carefully review the prerequisites and course curriculum.

Skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad

Advantages of Enrolling in Weekend Classes

Skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad

Productivity Growth

Although some people may feel compelled to attend this weekend class, students are more productive. For instance, more lectures or topics will be covered that Saturday, along with completing homework.

Adds New Contacts to Their Professional Network

It is well recognized that connections are advantageous, particularly today. The variety of people who attend weekend programs enables most of them to meet new people and form friendships.

It Aids in Improving Concentration in Students

Weekend classes motivate or, in certain situations, compel pupils to focus on the necessary work. Their attentiveness improves as they become accustomed to taking these weekend classes.

Interview Questions

  • As much as communication skills play a vital role in an interview, answering the interview questions is essential. As the candidate will be evaluated on that criteria and marked.
  • We train you for the various rounds of the interviews and also to face the technical questions. To learn SQL online is easy but answering the questions in the interview takes work. So we at Skill Center teach you to meet the interviews confidently.
  • Interviewing candidates is the most popular and frequently the least effective recruitment strategy. It happens so often that many recruiters might never think twice before using their pre-written interview questions.
  • But as most contemporary recruiters know, asking every applicant a set of general questions will give you a partial image of your prospective employer.

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What our Students have to say on Google

rama krishna
rama krishna
I am a Skill centre technologies IT student, I got placed in a top MNC during my snowflake development training program, the training here is very interactive with students and it’s a good opportunity for passed out students who are looking for a developer job.
Konda Nsr
Konda Nsr
I have completed Snowflake course at Skillcentre Technologies Training Institute under Narasimha Sir. Training was really good, knowledgeable and I suggest everyone to take up the course from career perspective. Recently I got a job Trough Narasimha Sir.Thanks Skillcentre.
Shekhar Perumalla
Shekhar Perumalla
The skill center is an excellent training and placement center for multiple technologies, the courses they are providing are the best with the real time trainers working in multi national companies, my friend suggested me this, I got a good placement after visiting in this and trained for automation testing
yerram shiva
yerram shiva
It provides multiple training and placement for different technologies according to market standards with good trainers having real-time industry experience so I got placed with this
jaya Bharathi
jaya Bharathi
Good teaching and staff.pleaseant classrooms.sir saying point to point.Best institute to learn present IT platform related courses.
janardhan h
janardhan h
Excellent coaching Centre . I Completed my snowflake course Here , Institute help Me to upgrade my Skills , My Tutor Narsimha sir teaches and guides very well ,So felt happy for the decision to take class in this institute.
Shabeena Muskan
Shabeena Muskan
I successfully completed my snowflake course training in skill centre technologies and my trainer was awesome.... This is an excellent training program to upgrade ur career.... Batch repeat facility i.e u can watch video recordings if u missed a few sessions but u can also join the upcoming batches live training at no extra cost...
yagna n
yagna n
Hi All i am having almost 16 years of experience in it industry. I had training with skillcenter for snowflake and DBT . It was excellent training. Now my package increases 50%. Thanks for your support in cracking interviews and helping mindful insights. Thanks for skillscenter and narsimha sir.

General FAQs

Skillcentre | Best IT Courses In Hyderabad

Typically, prerequisites vary by course but often include basic computer literacy and sometimes specific knowledge in related fields like programming or networking.

Online classes are accessible through a learning platform where students can watch lectures, complete assignments, participate in discussions, and interact with instructors and peers virtually.

Yes, most courses offer flexible scheduling, allowing you to progress through the material at a pace that suits your individual learning style and schedule

Some courses may include live sessions with instructors for Q&A, lectures, or demonstrations, providing opportunities for real-time interaction.

Assessments may include quizzes, exams, assignments, and practical projects. These are typically submitted online and graded by instructors or automated systems.

Certifications offered depend on the course or program and may include industry-standard certifications from organizations like Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, etc., or certificates of completion from the skills center.

Many online skills centers offer financial aid options, scholarships, or payment plans. Specific details can usually be found on their website or by contacting admissions.

Skills acquired through IT courses can enhance career opportunities by improving technical proficiency, expanding knowledge in specialized areas, and earning industry-recognized certifications.

Support typically includes access to technical assistance, academic advising, career services, and online resources such as tutorials and forums.

Most online skills centers provide ongoing access to course materials, allowing students to review content and resources even after completing their studies.