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Welcome to the Corporate Power BI training course, in this course you will learn Power BI
along with the below skills.
• SQL Server
• Power BI
• Azure Analysis Services Tabular Model (Complementary add on)
SQL Server
1. Introduction to SQL Server
• What is SQL Server and its use
• How to Install and Connect to SQL Server
• Components of SQL Server
2. Commands in SQL Server
• Data Definition Language (DDL)
• Data Manipulation Language (DML)
• Data Query Language (DQL)
• Data Control Language (DCL)
• Transaction Control Language (TCL)
3. Functions
• String Functions
• Aggregate Functions
• Date Functions
• Advanced Functions
4. Constraints
• Primary Key
• Foreign Key
• Unique
• Not Null
• Default
• Check
5. Operators
• Union All
• Union
• Except
• Intersect
• Like
6. Joins
• Inner Join
• Left Join
• Right Join
• Cross Join
Equi Join
 Outer Join
Read the full Course content from PDF attached.

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