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SailPoint Development

Prerequisites for Sailpoint

1.Basic SQL knowledge
2.Understanding of Core Java, Html and CSS concepts
3.Basic knowledge on Linux and Unix Commands

Module 1: What is IAM?
IAM Overview
Where and Why are IAM tools used?

Module 2: Introduction to SailPoint
SailPoint IIQ Overview
Different Functionalities provided by SailPoint

Module 3: SailPoint Installation
Pre-requisites for SailPoint installation
Installation process

Module 4: Initial Configurations
Initial configurations or customizations during/after Installation
Understanding Admin privileges

Module 5: Application Integration
How to integrate different types of applications with SailPoint?
Configuration involved and
Customizations Possible
Practice Sessions
Exercise Activities

Module 6: Task Configurations
Understanding Different Tasks available OOTB
Customizations Possible
Exercise Activities

Module 7: Configuring or Customizing Rules

Understanding the usage of Rules
How to Configure/Customize Workflows?
Practice Sessions
Exercise Activities

Module 8: Configuring or Customizing Workflows or Business Processes

Understanding the usage of Workflows
How to Configure/Customize Workflows?
Practice Sessions
Exercise Activities

Module 9: Life Cycle Events (Joiner/Mover/Leaver/etc.,)

What is LCM (Life Cycle) Events?
How to Configure LCM Events?
Practice Sessions
Exercise Activities

Module 10: Access Request Functionality

What is Access Request functionality?
How to Configure Access Requests?
Exercise Activities

Module 11: Role Based Access Control Functionality

What are the different types of Roles used?
How can be Roles involved in Access Control?
Exercise Activities

Module 12: Certifications

What is Certification?
Different types of Certifications SailPoint Provides
Certification Configurations
Practice Sessions
Exercise Activities

Module 13: Attribute Configurations

Identity Attribute Configurations
Practice Sessions

Module 14: Other Functionalities – 1

Dynamic Scope
Email Templates
Practice Sessions

Module 15: Other Functionalities – 2

Advanced Analytics
Practice Sessions

Module 16: Advanced Topics

Debugging and Log Configurations

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